Creating Perfect Repairs: Part 1 - Burn-Ins

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Creating Perfect Repairs: Part 1 - Burn-Ins

Creating long lasting, durable and invisible repairs is undoubtedly the most valuable skill for anyone that specializes in wood touch-up. Burn-in repairs are one of the build blocks that must be mastered to do just that.

Check out this great tutorial on how to create a great foundation for a flawless repair:

Finisher's Warehouse carries a large selection of Mohawk burn-in sticks, tools and associated products.

Stop by for a quick demonstration, or check out our Training Classes for a much more in-depth look at burn-in repairs in addition to a wide range of other fundamental techniques.

On the next installment of Perfect Repairs, we'll look at Mohawk's new Hard Fill sticks. These are perfect for the beginner and advanced technician alike; very easy to melt, shape and integrate into your damaged piece. 


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