Introducing Rubio Monocoat!

Introducing Rubio Monocoat!

We are excited to begin distributing the full line of Rubio Monocoat products this summer!

These easy to use, one-step oils are the secret for achieving some of the most popular looks seen on high end furniture, cabinetry and doors. It's also a great finish for floors

Through an advanced formulation, the oil bonds at the molecular level to the wood cellulose fibers, almost like an "anodizing" for wood. This makes for incredibly consistent color application and touch-up, as the product will not bond to itself or darken with repeated applications like traditional wiping stains. Zero lap marks when applying or repairing any damage makes it very user friendly.

Being a natural finish, it is strongly recommended to only use water or the mild cleaning soaps offered by Rubio Monocoat for more stubborn grime. The product can easily be refreshed with Rubio Refresh, or if a step up in sheen and/or color adjustment is desired, with Universal Maintenance Oil. Akin to conditioning leather, an annual refresh is advised for optimum durability and maintaining the feel, richness and color of the wood.


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