Mohawk's New 2K Polyurethane

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Mohawk's New 2K Polyurethane

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued by Mohawk and will not be available in the future. 

We've been testing Mohawk's new ISO-Free 2K Polyurethane over the past few months, and we sure are impressed. Developed by Dow Chemical as an isocyanite-free industrial coating for bridges, railstock and construction equipment, Mohawk continued that development and created an industry-leading architectural finish for wood surfaces. 

Two-component aliphatic polyurethanes have been a common finish for cabinetry and furniture in Europe for years now, and we are starting to see them become more common in North America. They offer a more resilient finish than pre-cat lacquers, C.A.B. acrylics or even conversion varnishes. They resist yellowing, are self-sealing and build much more quickly (~50% solids for the Mohawk 2K!). The best part; the Mohawk 2K is VERY easy to apply, has a quick dry/recoat time and doesn't use a special, proprietary thinner (commonly available Butyl Acetate is all you need for reducing and cleanup). . 

This is the perfect solution for commercial, restroom or restaurant tabletops, counter tops and cabinets. While outstanding for all interior wood surfaces, the Mohawk 2K is an industrial resin that is tolerant of heat and resists yellowing, and is a finish that will hold up for some exterior projects. Though no finish is impervious to the extreme heat, cold, UV exposure and moisture of Arizona, the Mohawk 2K Polyurethane is sure to give your wood piece years of lasting protection and beauty. 

We refinished a dining table that will be living outside. The results were stunning; a fantastic finish with good clarity, excellent wrap and the perfect matte sheen.

The product is available in Matte, Satin and High Gloss finishes. 


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  • Alex

    Hi can you get the 2k poly clear in a satin or matte finish

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