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Last November, we began testing two coatings for exterior use here in Arizona. With seasonal temperature swings of over 80°, humidity than can range from non-existent to rain forest levels, and a fair amount of summertime rain, our climate is a very challenging place for any exterior coating to endure. You'll see the harshness of the desert in the faded, dried and flaking finishes of many vehicles from the 2000s, or houses with peeling, faded and failing paint jobs. Wood, being a natural product that is highly sensitive to changes in climate, has always been one of the toughest surfaces to...

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UPDATE: Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued by Mohawk and will not be available in the future.  We've been testing Mohawk's new ISO-Free 2K Polyurethane over the past few months, and we sure are impressed. Developed by Dow Chemical as an isocyanite-free industrial coating for bridges, railstock and construction equipment, Mohawk continued that development and created an industry-leading architectural finish for wood surfaces.  Two-component aliphatic polyurethanes have been a common finish for cabinetry and furniture in Europe for years now, and we are starting to see them become more common in North America. They offer a more resilient finish than...

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