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Rubio Monocoat Fumed & Smoke

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Rubio Smoke and Fumed are unique tannin-reactive wood treatments that produce a stunning effect not possible with typical stains or dyes.


Fumed - Rubio Monocoat Fumed was developed to create a vintage greying effect for oak wood without causing harmful or irritating vapours. RMC Fumed is must be finished with RMC Oil, as it provides no protection on its own. Fumed is the perfect foundation to create a cerused-look oak finish by applying a light colored RMC Oil over the top. 

Smoke - Rubio Monocoat Smoke creates a burnished brown smoky effect on oak wood without any hazardous or irritating vapours being released. The product is always finished with an RMC Oil, as it provides no protection on its own.


We have had tremendous success with these products on open grained woods, with white oak, mahogany and red oak producing the most striking results. Alder and beech will yield some transformation, but maple will not produce any noticeable change. 


Surface preparation is critical before application; any scratches, swirls or defects in the wood will be magnified and darkened significantly. Both of these products can be reduced with water and sprayed on if you're doing a larger area, though care must be taken to avoid lap marks and blotchiness.


We have also had success applying conventional film coatings such as solvent based lacquer, sealer and conversion varnish, as well as waterbased polyurethane and acrylic finishes over the Fumed piece. Allow at least 48 hours for the Fumed liquid to evaporated before applying a film coating.