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The Techline series spray guns from CA Tech are incredibly versatile, and deliver a fantastic finish at an affordable price. Well balanced with a ergonomic cast aluminum body makes this a joy to spray big jobs all day.  

We use a Techline in our color room for spraying out stains, sealers and lacquers for colormatching. It's easy to dial in the perfect settings for every coating or stain, and is very easy to tear down for deep cleanings.  Zero maintenance (other than cleaning) and an exceptional finish makes this the all-star of our shop. 

TECHLINE CPR - A great value, as this gun ships with 3 needle/tip sets as well as a conventional HVLP air cap, and a fine finish HVLP air cap. Includes a nylon cup and small tool kit for disassembly. 

TECHLINE T3 - The same gun body as the CPR, this gun ships with one needle/tip and a conventional HVLP air cap. Includes a nylon cup and small tool kit for disassembly.