Floor Coatings

Now featuring the complete line of professional concrete floor coatings from Arizona Polymer Flooring

We are proud to introduce a full line of concrete dyes, stains, epoxies and clearcoats from Arizona Polymer Flooring. We have partnered with one of the best names in the business (that also happens to be local) to bring you the finest floor coatings available. 

APF's innovative line includes a wide range of products for use in a variety of applications and environments. In addition to their standard line-up of popular colors, APF will also colormatch to your existing sample. We also have access to a wide range of custom mixed vinyl chips in a rainbow of blends, from classic colors, to contemporary tones and even some very vivid exotic combinations. 

Albert is our in-house expert in proper preparation, application and maintenance of these high performance coatings. Feel free to give him a call or shoot him and email with any questions you may have.