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Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C Sample Size 20ml

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This next generation wood coating is an easy to apply, durable and simple to maintain finish that is suitable for a variety of wood surfaces and applications. The subtle sheen and wide pallet of colors allow for a classic or contemporary look on furniture, cabinetry and doors. 

Rubio products are a big hit in the flooring industry, and are even used in high traffic commercial applications in many national hotel and department store chains.

Unlike a stain, this product will not darken with repeated applications, so lap marks are eliminated and touch-up is a breeze. It also doesn't need a topcoat, as the finish itself is durable and resistant to incidental contact with most household chemicals, foods and liquids. 

Zero VOC and very little odor, combined with incredibly easy touch-up and maintenance make this an ideal choice for any wood project. We've found that it works best with wood species that have a more open grain, notably white oak, but red oak, mahogany, ash, hickory and even roughly sanded alder yields a dramatic finish. 

Try preconditioning your open grained wood with Fumed or Smoke for an even more stunning result. 


*Rubio Monocoat does contain linseed oil, and great care must be taken to dispose of rags and applicators. Used rags with wet product that are wadded up or folded over can and will spontaneously combust. Immersing rags or applicators in water and/or laying flat to air dry are acceptable methods to mitigate any fire hazard.